Boston Study Group (BSG) is an organization dedicated to working towards a just and equitable society.  We organize study groups, monthly meetings, lecture series and other social activities in the Boston area to create educational and organizing infrastructure to carry forward our mission.

Our membership is comprised of individuals, families, students, scholars, academics, and workers who share our vision of equality and upliftment of people. We are particularly interested in creating support structures and working with students from historically marginalized backgrounds.

We are inspired by those who worked for human welfare – from Buddha and Sant Ravidas to Savitrimai and Jyotibha Phule to Periyar and Ambedkar. 


Recent Events

9TH DEC, 2017

Ambedkar Lecture Series-11

Ambedkar Lecture Series-11

Ambedkar’s Unfinished Agenda in United Nations

BSG had its a half day conference under Ambedkar Lecture Series at Brandeis University on “Ambedkar’s Unfinished Agenda in United Nations” having speakers – Paul Divakar Namala, Magda Matache and Abdarahmane Wone. 


14TH NOV, 2017

Ambedkar Lecture Series-10

Ambedkar Lecture Series-10

Master and Slaves

BSG had its Ambedkar Lecture Series of the November month on topic Master and Slaves: Rethinking “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables” (1945), by Dr. Dilip M. Menon, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.The talk looked critically at this statement of Ambedkar’s opposition to the politics of …

7TH-8TH OCT, 2017

Student Workshop 2017

Student Workshop 2017

Students Workshop 2017 was organized by GEN-Global Empower Network, the US Ambedkarites Collective, on Saturday Oct 7th 2017 in NJ that received an overwhelming response, especially from our students in India who joined online and sat throughout the night for attending the entire workshop. At the conclusion of the…


5TH OCT, 2017

Ambedkar Lecture Series-9

Ambedkar Lecture Series-9

Pluralism and the Post-Minority Condition

BSG had its October month Ambedkar Lecture Series of the October month on topic “Pluralism and the Post-Minority Condition” at Harvard University. Speaker of the lecture series was Mr. Khalid Anis Ansari. He is a Director, Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Exclusion Studies & Transformative Action…


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