Global Ambedkarites demand urgent attention from the government of India on the death threats of Prof Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

From Global Ambedkarites, a US Ambedkarites Collective :
Ambedkar International Mission(AIM), Ambedkar International Center(AIC), Begumpura Society, NY, Boston Study Group(BSG), Ambedkar Association of North America(AANA)

Global Ambedkarites demand urgent attention from the government of India on the death threats of Prof Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

It is with grave concern that the Global Ambedkarites — a collective of several Ambedkarite organization in North America notes the recent updates on the violation of constitutional rights by the Indian state.

The murder of rationalist and freethinking individuals starting from Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh, Shantanu Bhowmik and now death threats to Prof Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd evidences the retrogressive policies of the Indian government. Repeated death threats and cowardly attacks on a leader of the academic world is alarming. We are concerned about this situation, and so is the world.

Prof Ilaiah Shepherd is India’s leading critical thinker and an authority on religion, caste, communalism, social-cultural politics of India among others. His established rapport and best selling scholarship has added value to India’s academic scene world-wide. His recent work, Samajika Smugglerlu Komatollu is of immense value to understand the caste derived modes of class oppression. We congratulate him for producing such an outstanding body of work.

Prof Ilaiah Shepherd is also a notable activist of Dalitbahujan and minority rights cause who has upheld the constitutional principles throughout his life.

The present BJP government, backed by a Hindutva outfit RSS and its allied organizations, came to power by proposing development models as a way to solve India’s problems. However, its failure to comprehend with its goals — of return of black money, secularism in India, protection of the SC/ST/OBCs, minorities among others has put the future of the present government into question. It is therefore now actively seeking to sell lied promises. These blemishes were exposed by the courageous commentators and activists that cost their lives.

The government has to firm up its role in protecting its citizens who do not agree with its Brahminic models of governance. It has to work closely with the critics who have immense potential to contribute to the overall development of government’s mandates.

Failure to do so will lead to further tensions and unrest in the Indian socio-political space. It will also suggest government’s ghastly failure to outperform its promises. We are watchful over such incidents and are ready to take the government that is selling out to the Brahminic and Capitalist forces of power, all at the cost of poor and subaltern citizenry, to the international courts for justice.

The Global Ambedkarites calls upon the government to ensure the safety, dignity and security of Indians as the highest priority.

We send our love, strength, and regards to the profound courage and infallible thoughts of Prof Ilaiah Shepherd and all the dissenting academics invested in researching the rational truth and historical pragmatism.